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Loni Unser: "Dream Big"

Loni Unser is no stranger to the power of legacy. The Unser name carries a weight that comes from decades of pushing limits, bagging victories, and inspiring others. Loni Unser grew up surrounded by men who weren’t just racing legends, but family.

“Race cars and my family, they were all my heroes,” says Unser. “They were people who motivated me to be better, to be faster, to be stronger, whatever it was.”

In 2022 that motivation brought Unser to the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The Unser family is well-acquainted with the PPIHC, with a combined 26 King of the Mountain crowns to show for it; there’s a reason it’s nicknamed Unser Mountain.

“To see all the successes that they’ve had on the mountain is just…so special,” says Unser, reflecting on the history she now continues. “To think I can come back, almost 100 years later, and to do it myself is just–it doesn't feel real.”

“To see all the successes that they’ve had on the mountain is just…so special,”

Unser takes pride in tackling the mountain herself–and proving to the next generation that racing is anything but solely a man’s sport.

“Seeing these young girls, I hope that they can be like ‘that was so cool to see that girl Loni running Pikes Peak this year! She was awesome, went through the fog, did this and this,’ I hope that maybe one girl from this week said that about me. I hope that and I hope I inspired her to work hard and follow her dreams.”

On Unser Mountain, Loni Unser is following her dreams.

The legacy lives on.

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